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Adult, African American, Drama, Affluence, Loss, Grief, Childhood, Brother's Keeper, Biracial, Healing.


When We Were Young

Setting: Kansas City, KC

Nearing his forty-fifth birthday, Colton Dade has everything his late, prejudice grandmother said he would never have. He possesses a prosperous career as the chairman and CEO at Arnold-Bell and is valued by his employees and colleagues that marvel at his Wall Street experience. He's an immaculate man to a breathtaking wife and his two young children are well cared for. He owns a Mission Hills residence that doesn't even compare to the farmhouse where he was raised in Missouri and an estimated net worth of $600 million. To what does he owe his success? His shattering childhood.

For years, Cole has worked diligently to suppress his past. But when an unsolicited visit from a underprivileged student informs him that investors are after her family's land, he discovers it's the same property that was once owned by his estranged mother. It resurfaces the tragic loss he's never come to accept. He seeks to bring the girl reconciliation, even if it means packing up his family and spending this year's summer vacation in Springfield. Though, his unannounced arrival leaves many locals distraught.

Much to Cole's dismay, past demons are very much still alive.


"Be your own light while traveling through the darkest tunnels."

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Setting: St. Louis, MO

Shya Jacobs is a hypnotic socialite and the leader of Privileged, an all-girl clique made up of local heiresses that hang onto her every word. Yet, at home, she's really a downtrodden teenager parented by a no-nonsense cardiac surgeon and a nitpicking reality TV star. With senior year underway, Shya pushes to survive the Jacobs until graduation. Though, she learns the accessories, fashion, makeup, private education and bucket-list traveling that makes up her privileged life doesn't necessarily means she's fortunate.

Taemin Andersen is an innovative videographer with an even mightier platform. He's intimidatingly wise and handsome, but most notably, fearless. On the latest anniversary of his mother's death, Taz releases a vulnerable documentary about surviving the tragedy despite being shot and left for dead, too. It sparks meaningful conversation around stigmatization in the black community. However, despite his clout, still, not everyone is willing to believe in mental health.

Shya's father is one. And as the head of his household, he's ordered that no one speaks anything mental underneath his roof. But when Shya sees Taz's film, remaining censored becomes more difficult than ever.


Young Adult, African American, College, High School, Influencer, Socialite, Mental Health, Romance, Stigma

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